PaZo Teatro is a collective of multifaceted artists, who met thanks to some common collaborations. They come from different and heterogeneous training paths, ranging from drama to physical theater, from dance to acrobatics and circus.

PaZo recalls the Greek páthos, emotion, from the most placid to the most irrational, with an evident resounding reference to the term “crazy”; but it is also the acronym of the three dimensions that characterize our research, Word , Action and Observation , drawing on the broadest and at the same time concrete meanings that they can understand.

After collaborating in joint projects since 2015, the collective decides in 2018 to set up an autonomous ensemble and carry out a choral creation. He thus realizes the show "Of your uncertain and indefinable existence" through a series of creative residences offered by the Nuovo Teatro San Prospero in Reggio Emilia, where he debuts with a first studio on 13 April 2019.

From this research path also comes "Cabaret di Fumo", a street show, created in the form of a studio in Piazza Matteotti in Modena on 11 May 2019, replicated at the Slovenian Floating Castle festival on 27 and 28 August 2019 and invited to the XXII Festa do Teatro - Festival Internacional de Teatro de Setúbal, Portugal (date postponed due to Covid).

In September 2019 the company won the "OHM conceptual residences" call issued by the Teatro dei Servi Disobbedienti in Bologna, and in November the show won the "Theater, voice of youth society" award organized by Crexida, Endas, Teatro dell'Argine and Itc San Lazzaro.

In March 2020 the company begins a creative residency at the Fienile Fluò in Bologna, interrupted by the Covid 19 emergency and resumed at the end of June 2020, from which the new production "Strade sui Sassi" is born, which debuts as a studio inside of the Nature Scene Festival.

In June 2020 the company wins the public notice for the selection of cultural projects for the Modenese Summer 2020 with the project of the review of six "Theatrical Crossings", held in Modena in different outdoor locations between 7 July and September 10.

Between October and December 2020 the group continues the creation on "Starde sui Sassi" through a series of artistic residencies at the Happen cultural center in Modena, thus creating a workroom version.

They are part of the collective:



She is the founder, director and choreographer of the group. Contemporary dancer, actress and aerial acrobat; he focuses his research on the potential of the body beyond its daily limits - also thanks to his experience in the contemporary circus - but never losing the theatrical dimension.

Currently she collaborates as dancer, actress, aerial acrobat and teacher with the companies Teatro nel Baule (Naples, Italy), Zaches Teatro (Scandicci, Italy), Somantica Project and Teatro dei Venti (Modena, Italy), Nuovo Teatro San Prospero (Reggio Emilia , Italy) Corona Events (Pavia, Italy), Parola Bianca (Modena, Italy; Capetown, South Africa).



Actor, dancer - with a particular focus on traditional Baroque and Renaissance music - and a wonderful wader; he is also a theater and stilts teacher, he conducts lessons for adults, children and disabled students, writing in his own hand all the dramaturgies and the texts of his staging.

He currently works as an actor, dancer and wader with the companies Teatro dei Venti, Somantica Project and Curious Bubbles (Modena, Italy), the dance and ancient music group Teatro della Memoria (Rome, Italy), "Dramatodìa" ensemble (Bologna, Italy ) and the company Corona Events (Pavia, Italy).



Rhythmic gymnast at competitive level, dancer, aerial acrobat, actress and wader; he founded the Somantica Project acrobatic dance company, creating several shows in the theater and on the street and promoting an artistic and social project in Brazil, where he taught dance and aerial acrobatics for the children of the most disadvantaged school classes.

She currently works as an actress, dancer, aerial acrobat, wader and dance and theater teacher with the companies La Fabbrica dei Sogni, Curious Bubbles and Teatro dei Venti (Modena, Italy), Corona Events (Pavia, Italy).



Actress, voice actress and wader, she has a particular interest in the Figure Theater, and has created her show "Vassilissa and the witch", inspired by the famous Russian legend. It has been selected for the professional training course "Animateria", promoted by the companies Teatro Gioco Vita, Teatro delle Briciole and Teatro del Drago. She currently works as an actress and teacher of theaters for children and adults with the associations and companies Ars 21 and Mamimò (Reggio Emilia, Italy); as a wader with the companies Corona Events (Pavia, Italy) and Curious Bubbles (Modena, Italy).