PaZo Teatro is a collective of artists born in 2019 in Modena, from the collaboration between Amalia Ruocco, dancer, actress, acrobat and choreographer, Francesco Bocchi, actor and wader, and Laura Bruni, wader, dancer, acrobat. Other artists have gone through and accompany the group's activities, maintaining a constant desire for openness and collaboration with other individuals and other groups . 

PaZo recalls the Greek páthos, emotion, from the most placid to the most irrational, with an evident resounding reference to the term “crazy”; but it is also the acronym of the three dimensions that characterize the artistic research of the group, Word, Action and Observation, drawing on the broadest and at the same time concrete meanings that they can understand.

The company mixes different languages, from dance to circus to puppetry, having as its central point the investigation of the infinite potential of the body. Body understood as "global", in its expression and in its ability to tell and transmit, in a universal and transversal way, much more than the word. 

The shows and performances created often dialogue with the specificities of the places and contexts in which they are born or develop.

The projects curated so far start from the need to investigate current and universal themes, which find resonance in some sources (from literature, to painting, to oral tradition, etc.) and are examined until the theme is completely exhausted (if possible), thus giving life to various works that have a common origin matrix . 

The company creates shows, performances, workshops and training courses, trying to reach a wide and varied audience, and often reaching contexts in which art is not enjoyed regularly and easily.  

The members of the Collective



Dancer, actress and acrobat, she is the founder, director and choreographer of the group.

Graduated in Abstract Corporeo Mime Decroux technique at the Icra Project in Naples, she continued her studies following the advanced course of Nouveau Cinque at the A. Galante Garrone School of Theater in Bologna and specializing at the Circus Flic school of Turin. He deepens his research in dance following the training course "Contemporary Dancer" in Ravenna and opening his interests to traditional Indian dance with studies of Katakhali and Kalaripayattu.

Collaborated with:  

Nostos Teatro and the Morks association for "Walking in the story", a dance theater project for high schools (Caserta, Italy).

El Grito Circus Company for "Empiria", contemporary circus performance (Bari, Italy).

Teatro nel Baule for "Desidera", on tour in Italy and India for the Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2017 International Theater Festival (New Delhi, Kurukshetra, Agartala) and finalist of the Inbox 2018 theater competition (Italy).

Corona Events Company for "Lotus Flower", on tour at Taiwan Folklore and Folkgame Festival (Ylan, Taiwan), B-fit in the street Festival (Bucharest, Romania), Bright People (Moscow, Russia), Aspire Park (Doha, Qatar) ).

He currently collaborates on a regular basis with the companies Zaches Teatro (Scandicci, Florence), Teatro dei Venti (Modena), Artemis Danza (Parma), Parola Bianca (Modena, Cape Town) ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

He carries on his personal artistic research in physical theater, dance and aerial dance, also holding workshops and training workshops.



Actor, stilter, expert in historical dances, he graduated in Bologna in DAMS Theater with a thesis on the Peking Opera, a Chinese classical performative genre, and obtained a master's degree in Live entertainment disciplines with a study on the figure of the emasculated singer. in the nascent seventeenth-century opera in music . 

He follows internships and training courses in classical dance, medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and nineteenth-century historical dance, mime, stilts and music.

Since 2003 he has been directing theatrical, bodily and verbal expressiveness and ancient dance workshops dedicated to children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and physically and mentally disabled . 

As an actor, dancer and wader he has worked, in theatrical and film productions, with:

The Rossignol of Cremona, Teatro della Memoria of Rome and Dramatodìa of Bologna, theater, music and ancient dance companies;

Corona Events of Pavia, Curious Bubbles of Modena and Nu'Art Events of Verona, international agencies for the production and distribution of event shows;

Teatro dei Venti of Modena as actor  e trampoliere in the shows "Il Draago" and Simourg ".



Former rhythmic gymnast at a competitive level, she is a dancer, aerial acrobat, actress, wader.

To the studies for the Degree in Architecture, achieved in 2006, she has always combined sports activities, and her strong passion for movement and body language lead her to continue and deepen the study of dance_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ and theater by attending courses and participating in choreographic workshops and workshops throughout Italy, then approaching also to the world of acrobatics and aerial acrobatics.

Since 2015 he has specialized in the use of stilts following a course with the Teatro dei Venti company in Modena and then joining the cast of the street show Simurgh.

She is a founding member of the Somantica Project asd aps company, a project born from the performative contamination between rhythmic gymnastics, dance, theater and which blends art and pictorial language creating a new way of expression of the body.  In 2015 on behalf of the association he created an artistic and social project in Brazil, in Joaquim Nabuco, inside the Casa dos Jovens supported by Modena Terzo Mondo odv, where he taught dance and aerial acrobatics a  children and young people of the most disadvantaged social classes

He has collaborated as a performer with the La Fabbrica dei Sogni association (Bomporto, Modena), the Celtic music duo Belthane and the Cantierart association.

She currently collaborates permanently as an actress and wader  with the companies: Teatro dei Venti (Modena), Corona Events (Montielli Pavese), Parola Bianca (Modena, Cape Town), Curious Bubbles (Modena).

In addition to being a teacher of aerial dance, in 2021 he obtained the certificates of instructor in Educational Yoga and Yoga in Flight.

They collaborate with us

Dante Farricella, who has always been passionate about photography, collaborates with many institutions and associations. His photographic research starts from the theater, and grows in the investigation of the person in a work of relationship between photographer and subject. His artistic and photographic research activity can be followed on the site www.farricella.it

Camilla Ferrari as actress and performer 

Luca Macca as a juggler, equilibrist and performer

Giulia Sarah Gibbon as an actress, stilter and performer

Irene Raccanelli as a circus performer and teacher for children

Sara Ballestri as a performer and set designer

Antonio Santangelo as a set designer

Martina MastrovitiLara TorelliSamantha Taglini and Michela Fratti  as performer and dancers.

Elisa Vignolo and Esther Grigoli accompanied the birth of the collective e partnered with us as stilters, performers, actresses and dancers.