PaZo Teatro is a collective of multifaceted artists, who met thanks to some common collaborations. They come from different and heterogeneous training paths, ranging from drama to physical theater, from dance to acrobatics and the circus. 

PaZo recalls the Greek páthos, emotion, from the most placid to the most irrational, with an evident resounding reference to the term “crazy”; but it is also the acronym of the three dimensions that characterize our research, Word, Action and Observation, drawing on the broadest and at the same time concrete meanings that they can understand. 

After having collaborated in joint projects starting from 2015, including the Somantica Project social promotion association, the collective decided in 2018 to set up an autonomous ensemble and carry out a choral creation. He thus realizes the show Of your uncertain and indefinable existence through a series of creative residences offered by the Nuovo Teatro San Prospero in Reggio Emilia, where it debuts with a first studio on 13 April 2019. 

Cabaret di Fumo was also born from this research path , a street show, created in the form of a studio in Piazza Matteotti in Modena on 11 May 2019, replicated at the Slovenian Floating Castle festival on 27 and 28 August 2019 and invited to the XXII Festa do Teatro - Festival Internacional de Teatro de Setúbal, Portugal (date postponed due to Covid). 

In September 2019 the company won the OHM conceptual residences call launched by the Teatro dei Servi Disobbedienti in Bologna, and in November the first production of the collective won the Theater award , voice of the youth society organized by Crexida, Endas, Teatro dell'Argine and Itc San Lazzaro. 

In March 2020 the company begins a creative residency at the Fienile Fluo '  of Bologna, interrupted by the Covid 19 emergency and resumed at the end of June 2020, from which a first study of the new production was born  Strade sui Sassi , which makes its debut within the Scena Natura Festival. 

In June 2020 the company wins, in partnership with Somantica Project, the public notice for the selection of cultural projects for the Modenese Summer 2020 with the project of the review of six events Crossings Theatrical , held in Modena in different outdoor locations between on 7 July and 10 September and also repeated in the 2021 summer season.

Between April and May 2021 the company carries out, again in partnership with Somantica Project, the training and show projects Assalti Teatrali and In punta di Ritmo , in collaboration with the Abate Road 66 cultural center, the Luciano Bosi Percussion Museum and with the support of Modena Districts 1 and 2. 

The new creation of the company, the Gran Galà Baraonda , after a residency at the Officina delle Ombre laboratory of the Gioco Vita theater, wins the Emilio Vassalli Award in the Production section and thus presents a preview on May 28, 2021, at the Piccola Scuola di Circus of Milan, on the occasion of the Circonferences Festival. Replication within the review "Una Tenda in Piazza" in Mirandola of the company Tipì Teatro Partecipato and in the context of the Matildic week of the Municipality of Frassinoro.

Summer 2021 sees the inauguration of the collaboration between the group and the City of Trees in Bosco Albergati (Bologna) with the participation in the "Viver Verde" Festival

The exhibition is planned between summer and autumn 2021  Sacred Roots: performative actions for micro and macro  Cosmos  which initiates new research through a collective creation open to the community, and will see its debut between 2022 and 2023. 

The members of the Collective



She is the founder, director and choreographer of the group.  

Dancer, actress and acrobat, she began her artistic training in Naples, studying physical theater with various independent groups, contemporary dance, contact improvisation and floor work with the company Danza Flux and graduated in Abstract Body Mime Decroux technique at the Icra Project of Michele Monetta.  

In 2008 he graduated in Culture and Administration of Cultural Heritage at the Federico Secondo University of Naples with a thesis on Armando Punzo's Compagnia della Fortezza.  

He then approaches the world of circus and aerial acrobatics, graduating in 2012 from the Alessandra Galante Garrone school of theater in Bologna and specializing in 2014 at the Circo Flic school of Turin in the discipline of aerial rope. The same year she was selected for the creation "A Demain" by Anton Lachky, Venice Biennale Danza.

In 2016 he undertook the "Homo Faber" acting training course at the Teatro dei Venti in Modena, led by the actor-dancer Mario Barzaghi, thanks to which he approached the disciplines of the Indian dance-theater Katakhali and the martial art of Kalaripayattu . The same year the creation “La Conoscenza della non Conoscenza” by Adriana Borriello, Biennale Danza di Venezia, was selected.  

In 2017 he created “Something About Happiness”, a contemporary dance and circus performance, in collaboration with the video artist Samuele Huynh Hong, winner of the ERT-Emilia Romagna Theater and Arena del Sole Theater competition in Bologna for the residences at Villa Pini; which makes its debut at the “Musica in Castello” festival in Fontevivo (Parma), and replicates at the Teatro dei Segni (Modena), the Teatro Furio Camillo (Rome) and the Nuovo Teatro San Prospero (Reggio Emilia).

In the same year, thanks to the MovingUP international mobility grant, he collaborated in the realization of the African Circus Festival (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) and joined the Zip Zap Circus Academy as an external teacher (Capetown, Soth Africa).

In 2019 she was selected to participate in the "Contemporary Dancer" training course, supported by the Emilia Romagna region in collaboration with the Cantieri Danza, Ida and Nervitesi associations, which allows her to deepen her authorial career as a dancer. She individually deepens her dance studies following internships and courses around Italy and Europe, never losing sight of the theatrical and interpretative dimension.

In 2020 she was selected for Passport, an international mobility scholarship for artists who work for children and young spectators, promoted by Assitej and supported by MIBACT as part of the Boarding Pass project.

In 2022 she was selected for the Exchange Lab, a research and sharing laboratory led by Nico Ricchini, director of tests of the Akram Khan company, within the Krokus Festival (Hasselt, Belgium).

He collaborated with:  

Nostos Teatro and the Morks association for "Walking in the story", a dance theater project for high schools (Caserta, Italy).

El Grito Circus Company for "Empiria", contemporary circus performance (Bari, Italy).

Teatro nel Baule for "Desidera", on tour in Italy and India for the Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2017 International Theater Festival (New Delhi, Kurukshetra, Agartala) and finalist of the Inbox 2018 theater competition (Italy).

Corona Events Company for "Lotus Flower", on tour at Taiwan Folklore and Folkgame Festival (Ylan, Taiwan), B-fit in the street Festival (Bucharest, Romania), Bright People (Moscow, Russia), Aspire Park (Doha, Qatar) ).

He currently collaborates on a regular basis with the Zaches Teatro companies (Scandicci, Florence) ,  Teatro dei Venti (Modena), Artemis Danza (Parma), Parola Bianca (Modena, Cape Town).



He has been tackling the scenes since 1994, graduating later in Bologna in DAMS Teatro with a thesis on the Peking Opera, a Chinese classical performative genre, and finally obtaining a master's degree in Live entertainment disciplines with a study on the figure of the emasculated singer in the nascent opera in seventeenth-century music.  

Behind heterogeneous internships and training courses - classical dance with Maria Armanini; educational dance with Franca Zagatti; medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and 19th century historical dance with Marco Bendoni, Claudia Celi, Deda Cristina Colonna, Véronique Daniels, Maria Cristina Esposito, Gloria Giordano, Bruna Gondoni, Letizia Dradi, Cecília Grácio Moura, Robin Joly, Patrizia La Rocca, Luca Michelini, Antonio Minelli, Alessandro Pontremoli, Lucio Paolo Testi and Ana Yepes; mime with Eugenio Ravo; stilts technique with Mario Barzaghi; dramaturgy with Giuseppe Liotta; directed with Franco Palmieri and Claudio Longhi; music with Giacomo Gibertoni - and numerous collaborations with poets, musicians and visual artists, since 2003 he has been directing theatrical, body and verbal expressiveness and ancient dance workshops dedicated to children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and physically and mentally disabled.  

As an actor, dancer and wader he has worked, in theatrical and film productions, with:

The Rossignol of Cremona, Teatro della Memoria of Rome and Dramatodìa of Bologna, theater, music and ancient dance companies;

Corona Events of Pavia, Curious Bubbles of Modena and Nu'Art Events of Verona, international agencies for the production and distribution of event shows;

Teatro dei Venti and PaZo Teatro di Modena, theater companies (hall and street), dance and circus.

These multiple activities have led him to perform on the entire Italian territory as well as abroad (Barhain, Belgium, Croatia, Dubai, France, Hong Kong, Greece, Indonesia, Latvia, Macao, Maldives, Holland, Oman, Poland, Principality of Monaco. , Qatar, Romania, Russia, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Taiwan).



Former rhythmic gymnast at a competitive level, she is a dancer, aerial acrobat, actress, wader.

To the studies for the Degree in Architecture, achieved in 2006, she has always combined sports activity, and her strong passion for movement and body language led her to continue and deepen the study of dance  and theater by attending courses and participating in choreographic workshops and workshops throughout Italy. Work with teachers like Teri Jeanette Weikel,  Gioia Maria Morisco, Nicoletta Cabassi, Andrè Casaca, Marianna Miozzo, Instabili Vaganti, Teatro dei Venti.

In  2010 approaches the world of acrobatics and aerial acrobatics: he studies the circus disciplines of trapeze, hoop and aerial fabrics following workshops in Italy and abroad with artists such as  Paola Li Vecchi, Caterina Bortoletti, Alberto dell'Acqua, Elodie Donaque, Caterina Fort, Gaby Corbo, duo Zamaga, Loretta Morrone and Ilaria Maggiorano; acrobatics and physical theater with  Kataklo Dance teather and Evolution Dance Teather.

Her constant curiosity leads her to experiment with juggling (also fiery), the Chinese pole, vertical dance and acroyoga.

Since 2015 he has specialized in the use of stilts following a course with the Teatro dei Venti company in Modena and then joining the cast of the street show Simurgh, consisting of 8 wading actors.

She is a founding member of the company Somantica Project asd aps, a project born from the performative contamination between rhythmic gymnastics, dance, theater and which blends art and pictorial language creating a new way of expression of the body. The shows  Have you ever seen a camp ?, Sogno So Sono and the latest production About-Jour  I'm  been staged in various festivals throughout Italy. In 2015 on behalf of the association he created an artistic and social project in Brazil, in Joaquim Nabuco, within the Casa dos Jovens supported by Modena Terzo Mondo odv, where he taught dance and aerial acrobatics to  children and young people from the most disadvantaged social classes.

Since October 2009 he has collaborated with the theater association La Fabbrica dei Sogni di  Lorenzo Sentimenti (Bomporto, MO) participating in shows for adults and children (L'Enfant et la Lune, Voce di Bosco)  , to workshops in the school environment and to  projects  with people with disabilities.

He collaborated as a performer with the Celtic music duo Belthane and the Cantierart association.

Currently she works steadily as an actress and wader  with the companies: Teatro dei Venti (Modena), Corona Events (Montielli Pavese), Parola Bianca (Modena, Cape Town), Curious Bubbles (Modena).

In addition to being a teacher of aerial dance, in 2021 he obtained the certificates of instructor in Educational Yoga and Yoga in Flight.