Of your Uncertain and Indefinable Existence

Created and performed by

Francesco Bocchi, Laura Bruni, Esther Grigoli, Amalia Ruocco, Elisa Vignolo

Concept, direction and choreography

Amalia Ruocco

External eye

Federico Faggioni

Costumes and items

Amalia Ruocco, Elisa Vignolo, Daniele De Blasis

Collaboration on music

Enrico Pasini

Collaboration in the technique

Alessio Boni

Picture of

Pierangela Flisi and Claudio Montanari

with the support of the New San Prospero Theater in Reggio Emilia.

Show Winner of the Endas Award “Theater ... Voice of the youth society” 2019 VII edition


The work starts from the reading of the text “The code of Perelà” by Aldo Palazzeschi, whose protagonist is a man of smoke. Precisely this particularity catalyzes the attention of the community on him, Perelà thus becomes the involuntary victim of an unjustified rise among the people, which ends, in an equally unjustified manner, in a trial and a conviction.
It seems rather complex to summarize what every single human being represents, for himself and for others; in its uniqueness, in fact, our existence appears uncertain and indefinable. The loneliness of the individual is sometimes unbearable, to the point of pushing the individual to seek shelter in the community: I surround myself with others, similar to me, in whom to recognize myself, I define the boundaries of what I am - or am not - in relation to other. But what happens if something, or someone, who is different is introduced into this community? Here those contours, drawn with so much effort, creak and crumble
  following the meeting ... if it is a meeting. Because it could also be a fight.

"Of your uncertain and indefinable existence"
  opens the doors to this investigation, it is a dynamic and visionary performance marked by the visual power of the images. Bodies sculpt extra-daily realities in which  the viewer does not find comforting solutions, but rather loses certainties, leaving room for a healthy state of doubt.

There is also an outdoor version of this show entitled "Cabaret di Fumo".