Gran Gala Baraonda

Created and performed by

Francesco Bocchi, Laura Bruni, Esther Grigoli, Amalia Ruocco, Elisa Vignolo

Concept, direction and choreography

Amalia Ruocco

Costumes and items

Amalia Ruocco, Elisa Vignolo, Daniele De Blasis

The parade / show is inspired by the text of the Futurist author Aldo Palazzeschi "THE Code of Perelà", and focuses on what in the text are defined as "some citizen personalities", representatives of different sectors of society who, filling the mouth with gossip, lies, and false promises, try to win the favor of the newcomer, a bizarre Man of Smoke, only to turn his back on him when his celebrity has inexplicably lapsed.

The structure of the performance includes an itinernate part that ends with the final show, where the artists perform with dances, on the ground and on stilts, acrobatics around the scenographic structure and small special effects.